Smoke on the Mountain Barbecue Championship - July 21st & 22nd , 2017

Twin County Regional
Chamber Of Commerce

The Twin County Regional Chamber of Commerce services Galax City & Grayson and Carroll Counties in Virginia. We are dedicated to promoting the businesses & economy of the local area. Our area boasts the stunning beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains as well as the many parks, trails and outdoor activities.

We are a regional organization dedicated to the improvements of the economic climate through well balanced, planned and controlled economic growth, consolidation and expansion of tourism development, better educational opportunities and increased citizen participation in issues facing the Twin Counties. The Chamber takes a pro-active stance regarding the Twin Counties and our goal to provide the best in service to the area.

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Support our regional Backpack Buddies.  For more info, please call 276-236-2184.


Member Spotlight

 The Galax Smokehouse

The Galax Smokehouse


Why Join?

Because of your business stake in the community, you help ensure this community’s progress, which in turn ensures the success of my business. To support the Chamber I real the benefits through the concerted planning counsel and action that is best obtained through the work of the Chamber of Commerce.

Your support is (plowed back) to yield many – fold benefits in new industries, increased payrolls, health, safety, legislation, business protection and community advancement.

A Chamber member will develop his power and broaden his own views.

A Chamber of Commerce cannot carry out its broad program of work to protect and advance business without personal service and adequate financial support.

A Chamber of Commerce unifies the public spirit of your community and directs it to useful and constructive channels

A Chamber helps create and express sound opinions of questions affecting the welfare of your community.

The most effective constructive influence is the force organized business functioning through the Chamber of Commerce for community betterment.