Our Mission

The Twin County Chamber of Commerce is a regional organization dedicated to improving  the economic climate through well-balanced, planned and controlled economic growth; expanding tourism development; providing better educational opportunities; and increasing citizen participation in the Twin Counties.

Our History

The Twin County Regional Chamber of Commerce was first organized as the Galax Chamber of Commerce in 1950. In July of 1959, the Carroll-Grayson Economic and Industrial Development Commission proposed an area Chamber of Commerce incorporating the Galax Chamber, the Hillsville Chamber, the Galax Business Men’s Association and Representatives of Fries. The first meeting of the Carroll-Grayson Chamber of Commerce was held in December of 1959. In March of 1966, on the recommendation of the consultant, the constitution and bylaws were amended and the name was changed to Galax-Carroll-Grayson Chamber of Commerce. In 2006, with consultation, we became the Twin County Regional Chamber of Commerce representing the counties of Carroll and Grayson, the City of Galax and the townships of Hillsville, Independence and Fries.

Our Goals

The Regional Chamber’s Executive Board of Directors has six areas of focus: 

  1.  Increase economic growth in our communities
  2. Serve as the marketing arm of our members
  3. Provide educational opportunities to citizens
  4. Preserve our agricultural areas and support tourism
  5. Ensure integrity within the Chamber of Commerce
  6. Increase member benefits

Why Join the Chamber of Commerce?

  • Being a member of the Chamber keeps you aware of changes and trends happening in the local marketplace.
  • Membership brings credibility and increases positive perception of your business.
  • Through the Chamber’s events, you can develop relationships with potential customers and network with other businesses.
  • Being a member increases your business’s visibility and offers unique marketing opportunities.
  • Membership provides access to all Chamber-related events, programs, and trainings.
  • As an individual member, you have opportunities to help unify and develop the community, and contribute to its economic health and prosperity.